Maidenhead Aquatics Concessions

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Maidenhead Aquatics retail concessions stock extensive ranges for coldwater, tropical and marine hobbyists.

Maidenhead Aquatics retail concessions are located in major garden centres throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Southern Ireland. Maidenhead Aquatics are the UK’s leading chain of specialist aquatic and water gardening centres, retailing ranges of marine and cold water fish plants, tanks, statues, ponds and accessories. All Maidenhead Aquatics retail concessions have 100’s of aquariums which draw a new broader customer to widen the appeal of their host garden centre. Contact us for further details on Maidenhead Aquatics retail concessions.

Head Office:
Maidenhead Aquatics, PO Box 3358, Slough, Berkshire SL3 3AB.

Vital Statistics

  • 10 Year Agreement.
  • A Minimum of 1800 sq ft internal space plus external space.
  • External buildings are considered.
  • 3 phase electric, water, drainage.
  • Roadside signage to create awareness.
  • Out of hours delivery access is preferred where possible for fish shipments.

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Maidenhead Aquatics Brochure

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