Ball® Fresh Preserving Products – Completing the grow-your-own cycle


For over 130 years, iconic Ball® brand fresh preserving products have helped preservers make jams, pickles, sauces and more at home, safely and easily.

First Franchise is delighted to announce it is working exclusively with Jarden Home Brands, the makers of Ball® Fresh Preserving Products, to launch to the UK Garden Centre Market. In recent years, there has been significant movement towards healthy eating and grow your own food. Garden centres have been at the forefront of this rapidly growing trend, and these products are the natural partner to all garden centres and nurseries.

However, the growing cycle is missing the final stage because when crops are harvested, there can be a glut, with food going to waste as it perishes too quickly to be eaten. Ball® fresh preserving products can help solve this problem by reducing waste and enabling growers to consume their produce at a later time by using their tried and trusted preserving process.

The stages of grow your own:
1 – Buy seeds
2 – Grow seeds to germination
3 – Plant out the germinated plants
4 – Pick the produce
5 – Preserve the produce using Ball® Fresh Preserving Products

This is an exciting development for UK gardeners as the iconic Ball® Fresh Preserving Products will enable them to keep their fresh produce for a shelf-life of up to 1 year.
Having the Ball® Fresh Preserving Products range in your garden centre is a fantastic opportunity. The product range will open up a new category of horticultural products within the garden centre market. Consumers will have access to the range of preserving products as well as support through comprehensive online resources which include new recipes, how-to videos, step-by-step guides and demonstrators, teaching customers how to use their products.

Jarden Home Brands, maker of the Ball® preserving range, provides innovative, trusted solutions and easy to follow steps that give homemade foods a shelf-life of up to one year, with safer and more consistent results and no more guesswork.  The Ball® range of preserving products includes all you need to capture the freshness of your home-grown produce to enjoy year-round:

• Ball® Home Preserving Starter Kit
• Ball® Blue Book® Guide to Preserving
• 4 x 135 mL Ball® Quilted Crystal™ Jelly Jars
• 6 x 240 mL Ball® Quilted Crystal™ Jelly Jars
• 6 x 490 mL Ball® Preserving Jars
• 4 x 945 mL Ball® Preserving Jars
• Ball® Regular Mouth Lids (12 pack)
• Ball® Dissolvable Labels
• Ball® Jam Setting Mix with Pectin
• Ball® Low or No-Sugar Jam Setting Mix with Pectin
If you would like to know anything more about Ball® Fresh Preserving Products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!