Wyevale Garden Centres put up for sale

Wyevale Logo

Britan’s largest retail group has been put up for sale.

Wyevale Garden Centre Group, which has over 145 centres across the country, can be sold as a whole entity or split up with individual centres being sold off to other groups, or local entrepreneurs who wish to run the centres themselves or change their purpose for other means.

Wyevale’s owners, Terra Firma, (a private equity firm), said the sale was “a unique investment opportunity” and that it was expecting to be “attractive to a wide range of buyers”.

Terra Firma has owned Wyevale since 2012, but in recent years the group has struggled in an increasingly competitive market.

The 145 centres range from local horticultural centres to major leisure destination venues. The garden centres include 144 restaurants and cafes, and 700 concessions with 240 partners.

If you are interested in buying any of these centres and would like us to help you with researching into the potential income from concession rental revenue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.