We offer three main services to our customers​

For Retailers

Concession Management

The Concession Management side of our business is aimed at helping retailers identify underperforming space within their bricks and mortar businesses, and assessing which brands would best suit their ethos and business principals to join them as a concession partner. Over the years we have worked with every major garden centre group to provide a Concession Management Service for them, which is bespoke. This ranges from an advisory role, putting forward suitable brands to fill already allocated space, to a full management role covering every aspect of Concession Management, such as assessing space, and lease negotiations.

For Concession Brands

Brand Management

The Brand Management side of our business is aimed at retailers who want to break into the Horticultural Sector through the use of manned concessions. We can help you to create an appropriate and bespoke concession model for your business, with your KPI’s at the heart of your aims. We can then target suitable garden centre partners, who fit your demographic and ethos requirements, putting you in front of key decision makers.

For Retail Owners

Garden Centre Development

The Garden Centre Development side of our business is aimed at retailers who want to reinvigorate their businesses. We help people who have a vision to build a new garden centre, and those with an established business who wish to take it in a new direction. We can manage your project from concept to implementation, helping as little or as much as required for your business. We can handle all areas of the business from design, to buying, to implementing full EPOS systems and much more.